How do you talk to a brain that is 450,000 million years old?  If you’re talking and they can’t hear you, you’ve just lost a customer, deal, investor or fan.  The solution lies in creating messages that go straight to the “Lizard Brain”, the only brain responsible for triggering all buying decisions.  Ignore the Lizard Brain and settle for hit-or-miss results.  Target the Lizard Brain and the effect on your customers can be immediate and electrifying. I show you how to:

  • Communicate a direct, immediate “What’s In It For Me?” to your customer in 1-2 sentences
  • Ignite intense curiosity, urgency, and desire in your customer within minutes
  • Captivate your customer right up to the sale, deal, or end goal

Strategy for Success:
Make Your Elevator Pitch About Them, Not You

Key Sales and Marketing Strategy:
Don’t Give Away Your Whole Story

There is a fundamental disconnect between what ambitious entrepreneurs say to their customers, and what their customers hear. Directly targeting the Lizard Brain in your customer creates immediate connection. It’s both counter-intuitive and simple. In the last 10 years, I have created a consulting practice that delivers customized messages that capture and hold the attention of the Lizard Brain in your customer. I show you how to use your content, tension, and timing to create a flood of interest across all marketing channels. For exactly how to do this, click here.